Vegetable terrine

“Here is a recipe that if you didn’t know the Chef’s deep culinary knowledge you couldn’t imagine having it over here…”

How to

Rinse the aubergines and the peppers well and then prepare the terrine. Cut the vegetables into long slices, grease them up and add salt and pepper. Before you put the aubergines and the peppers in the oven sprinkle sugar over them. Leave them to cook until they go soft. Sizzle the peppers just enough to remove the skin, the stem and the seeds easier. Next, prepare the terrine adding Domokos cheese, Philadelphia spread, farmer cheese, capers, spearmint, thyme, chives, the garlic cloves (which should be mashed and cooked in the oven at 80οC), some olive oil, salt and pepper. Finally, mix everything well together.

How to stage terrine on the dish

Grease well the sides of the dish with a small quantity of olive oil. Place half of the aubergines next to each other and half of the Florina peppers the same way and then pour the cheese mix on top of the primary layer. Do the same until you are out of cheese mix, aubergines and peppers. Two hours later, when the dish has cooled down, it is ready to be served with some basil and some additional olive oil.

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