Salmatanis started off as a grocery store and tavern in 1920. Managed by the Salmatanis siblings and run based on their instinct and tenacity on quality. The place was later on turned into an animal and bird hunting dish taverna which made it into the 2nd world war and the Junta years in Greece.

The location in the Northern-and posher at that-suburbs favoured it even more and made it the place to eat for the famous Onassis, Hatzidakis and more. The restaurant is the oldest eatery in Kifissia. Today, run by the 4th Salmatanis generation, it has become a full blown Modern Greek restaurant.

What changed?

In 2012 Salmatanis Bros decided to turn the page. They wanted to rewrite history by remodeling their family taverna into a restaurant. Marios and Panayiotis brought in more light, they blended cheerful details with sparks of tradition against the walls and reevaluated the recipes on the catalogue. Salmatanis Bros refurbished the place, changed the colours and the materials but most importantly, they revised the menu in order to give the restaurant a whole new feel and style.

The old Salmatanis taverna bid farewell to animal and bird hunting dishes and formed a small menu that gets slightly altered depending on the season. During the weekends customers are pleasingly surprised by the homemade dishes of the day.

Moving on to the 5th generation of Salmatanis

Salmatanis restaurant has raised 4 generations! Marios and Panayiotis are brothers and have been working for the restaurant ever since they were kids. It is certainly not an easy task to keep such restaurant going nowadays but these two love what they do. The brothers unanimously believe in the customer’s 360∘ experience and in the positively decent meals they offer at their restaurant.

Salmatanis today

The historic taverna at Kifissia is rightfully connected to exceptional home cooked meals. Today, it is still loyal to its primary promise to deliver Greek traditional meals such as selected meat, Naxos island fried potatoes, creamy soup and a collection of Greek and foreign wines.

Chef Marios Salmatanis

The Chef signs all his plates whilst he personally picks all the fresh ingredients needed each season in order to create hearty meals. Studies in France and 20 years of experience allow him to boldly combine Greek traditional cuisine with modern elements.

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