Panayiotis Salmatanis, Chef Dimitris Salmatanis and Natalia are your people from the minute one steps foot onto the stone paved yard of the restaurant until the moment he steps out of it filled with joy and good food. It is that same feeling in the customer’s mind that keeps Salmatanis Bros in the business for almost 100 years now and that same attentiveness they offer that keeps them going.


The dinner room at Salmatanis restaurant is also offered for events like weddings, baptisms and corporate events. Customer service remains warm and loyal in every occasion as it is part of the Salmatanis signature and the restaurant’s identity.

Bank Holidays

Salmatanis restaurant celebrates every holiday and every occasion. Loyal to the customer as ever, the restaurant is open on Clean Monday, Fat Thursday, Easter day, Christmas and New Years day. Live music takes over and the festivities begin.

Affordable prices

The Salmatanis Brothers, each season, set a menu with traditional dishes and a few bold combinations. They aim at satisfying every single customer by offering good value for money dishes and at enhancing the Greek cuisine while respecting its tradition.

25-30€ per person
Preset menus upon availability

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